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Other uses of Levitra

order Levitra for AustraliaOriginally used for treating erectile or sexual dysfunction, Levitra may have found some other uses as well. However, only few of these were found and actually used by doctors or professionals. Others were just experiments, mainly not so successful, of other curious people who wanted to try its possible effect on various states.

First of all, it has been taken by a few athletes in hope of enhancing their results. In fact, they felt that, since the main effect of Levitra is to widen blood vessels so as to enable easier and ample blood flow, it would help them feed their muscles better and thus enable them to achieve much better results. However, what they forgot was that, although Levitra really does this, it only affects those blood vessels in the genital area of a man or a woman.

Further on, we have the curious young adults who, every now and then, like to enjoy the effects of some other drugs, usually illegal. So, in all their curiosity, they thought of an unusual idea – to mix Levitra with the stuff they usually consume. What they did not know, but probably do now, is that when Levitra is mixed with those kinds of drugs, especially the ones containing nitrates, can be quite unpleasant, and sometimes even have a fatal outcome. In fact, when this mixture enters your body your blood pressure drops so low, that you may experience different side-effects, ranging from dizziness and blurry vision to heart attack or stroke.

In addition, some really funny situations have been reported. For example, there have been several cases of people who had troubles with strong headaches which were not as strong as migraine, but strong enough to make them desperately seek some solution that would help. They ended up using Levitra for the same reason our athletes did – the widening of blood vessels. But they did not know, or they might have forgotten form all that headache that not only does Levitra not affect that area of the body, but also that one of the side-effects of it is exactly headache.

order Levitra for AustraliaHowever, there are some situations when Levitra really can help, and situations when doctors do prescribe Levitra for treatments other than sexual dysfunction, but this is only when your doctor recommends it to you. It is the so-called “off-label” use and it can be applied in the treatment of some conditions. One of these is pulmonary hypertension, and the other is Raynaud’s phenomenon which causes the blood vessels in fingers and toes to narrow. So it can, after all, have an effect on other blood vessels to some extent, but not enough for the above mentioned failed experiments.

In the end, it boils down to the fact that curiosity is not always a good thing. Sometimes it can really get you into trouble, or just not live up to your expectations. Again, an always good advice is to consult your doctor before doing anything on your own.