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Levitra Helped Us Get Back On Track

order Levitra for AustraliaMy wife and I have a perfect marriage. We love each other, respect each other and we have a couple of gorgeous kids who are now young adults. Whenever we had any issues we would always find a way to work things out and go as smoothly as possible. However, something you cannot impact on takes place and continues for a long time, things might become shaky.

Actually, last year we started having problems in our bedroom. First my wife said that she was not able to enjoy sex as much as before; she actually did not enjoy it at all. We tried to work out what the problem might be. She said desire was not the problem. OK, so it might be a temporary state that she would eventually go out of. However, that did not happen, so we decided to see a doctor. After we explained the situation he told my wife she would have to run some tests, and when the results came the doctor prescribed her Lavitra. Luckily, it helped.

Nevertheless, only days after, my condition was starting to get worse. In fact, I was having more and more trouble getting erection and as far as I could tell desire wasn’t the issue with me either. Of course, I told my wife about it. We figured out it might be a psychological issue. Knowing what had happened to her my subconscious started convincing me that I was suffering from it as well. In the end we went to the doctor’s again not wanting to just sit and see what happens.

The procedure was the same. Explanation, then tests, and I got my prescription as well. It was not the same that my wife used. We got back home pleased to know that we will be able to enjoy each other again. Unfortunately, days after I started using the prescribed treatment no visible improvement took place. I consulted the doctor and he increased the dosage. The next time took the new dose I experienced some really heavy nausea and, of course got back to the doctor’s again. He then decided to change my medication and gave a prescription for a different one.

order Levitra for AustraliaSadly enough, the whole process repeated again. First nothing happened. Then I got a higher dose, which was not effective, but passed with no side-effects this time. Until finally, the third time I went to see the doctor he prescribed me a medication that had an immediate effect on me and that was Lavitra. I wondered why he didn’t give Lavitra to me, just like he did to my wife, in the first place! It would have saved us a lot helpless hours spent in belief that there was no hope we would have our sex life back ever again.

However, I was thankful that I finally got the right pill for me and that my wife and could enjoy our precious moments again. Lavitra, thank you, you are a lifesaver.