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How does Levitra work?

order Levitra for AustraliaA miraculous drug, isn’t it? It has saved thousands of marriages, satisfied millions of people, both men and women. And it is just a small orange pill; so how come it is so powerful?

The spell hidden inside this tablet is actually quite simple and logical, so let’s explain the process starting from the physiological characteristics of our body.

When it comes to men, what happens in their body when they become aroused is that their brain sends impulses to the penis and the penis sends them back, so there is a kind of conversation between these two organs. These impulses then cause our body to produce certain chemicals that eventually reach the penis and that are responsible for erection. In fact, they make the muscles around the penis relaxed and thus enable large amounts of blood to flow into the penis and make it erected.

However, with men who have sexual dysfunction, there is a misbalance between these chemicals and an enzyme that contracts the same muscles. Actually, the level of this enzyme is higher than it is supposed to, so it reverses erection. It makes prevents the muscles from being relaxed, contracts them and makes it impossible for blood to flow in the amount needed for erection.

What Levitra does, is that it affects the enzyme, lowering its level and enables a normal erection. It also helps the ‘good’ chemicals stay in the penis longer. However, Levitra does not induce the secretion of these chemicals. Rather, they are secreted when a man is sexually stimulated, and it can does not affect them until they get into penis. So Levitra is not an aphrodisiac, it only makes the erection possible once a man is stimulated.

As for women, the chemical process is pretty much the same. The ample blood mount cannot flow into a woman’s genital area and vagina because of the muscle contraction. Levitra enables this in the same way as it enables blood flow into penis, and a woman’s genital area becomes more sensitive, thus enabling her greater satisfaction. Levitra can also help women who have low vulva lubrication, for it enhances that as well. However, the same goes as for men – a woman must be sexually stimulated in order for Levitra to work.

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Nevertheless, it is very important to know that, as mentioned before, Levitra is not an aphrodisiac, and it won’t help in cases of the lack of desire. Thus it is very important that you, together with your doctor, distinguish the cause of your problem, and decide whether it is physical or psychological and emotional. In the latter case, you might need to see a psychiatrist for treatment methods.

All in all, this is how the magic works. It is not too complicated, but it is useful to know; and now that you’ve read it and understood it, it might even help your pill effectiveness even greater, since that’s the way our mind works in relation to our body. Wonderful, isn’t it?